Before + After / Introducing Santa Cruz Surf House

This surf house in Santa Cruz was a classic Monet: "From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess" - Cher from Clueless. From the photos you'd think it's not much work and a quick renovation, but up close and in person, all the details were dated and wrong. The shortlist of issues included:

  • heavily spackled texture on all wall and ceiling surfaces

  • yellowed red oak floors and wall to wall carpeting

  • no direct access to the backyard

  • original 1970s kitchen with tile countertops

  • tiny, dark bedrooms

36th Ave Residence, pre-renovation.

36th Ave Residence, pre-renovation.

However, there was also a lot to love: the big windows on the facade, the multiple decks, and proximity to one of the best surf breaks in Northern California. Purchased as a vacation home, the owner had several requirements for the renovation:

  1. Maximize functionality and comfort of indoor and outdoor spaces.

  2. Appeal to both masculine and feminine tastes.

  3. Stand up to the wear and tear of vacation renters.

  4. Capture the feel of a modern surf house.

What will follow is the transformation of said 1970s surf house into the modern-day.

36th Ave Residence, post-renovation.  Photo courtesy of the    Airbnb listing   .

36th Ave Residence, post-renovation. Photo courtesy of the Airbnb listing.