Inspiration: Potrero Hill Duplex

In no particular order, here's a selection of some of the images that inspired the Potrero Hill Duplex.

 Stairs  ( image source )

Stairs (image source)

 Daimata Granite  ( image source )

Daimata Granite (image source)

 Terrazzo  ( image source )

Terrazzo (image source)

 Skylit bath  ( image source )

Skylit bath (image source)

 Vanity  ( image source )

Vanity (image source)

 Floor to ceiling bookshelves   (image source )

Floor to ceiling bookshelves (image source)

 Plant-filled courtyard  ( image source )

Plant-filled courtyard (image source)

 Balconies  ( image source )

Balconies (image source)

 Lightwell  ( image source )

Lightwell (image source)