One Room Challenge / Our 6 Week Living Room Makeover - Week 1

We’re excited to be guest participating in this spring’s One Room Challenge. For those who are unfamiliar, the One Room Challenge is a biannual event where bloggers take 6 weeks to transform a room and share the process. This is our first time doing a design challenge like this, and we’re pumped to get started! 

I first moved into the condo I share with my husband (then-boyfriend) 3 years ago. At the time, it hit ALL the checkboxes for the ultimate bachelor pad:

  • Dark shag rug

  • Huge, L-shaped lounge-y sectional built out of painted black shipping pallets and loose gray cushions

  • Chrome and marble coffee table and Arco lamp

  • Chrome and black leather Barcelona chair and ottoman

  • The list goes on...

Not a full-on bachelor pad anymore, but still a mess.

Not a full-on bachelor pad anymore, but still a mess.

As an interior designer, it’s embarrassing to say we haven’t done too much with the space in the past three years! I’ve been slowly injecting some of my own style, including my collection of Moroccan and Turkish rugs and a vintage cabinet, but the space has never felt like a home.

Why haven’t I done anything about it?! Good question. When living in a rental for a finite amount of time, there’s a constant debate: Do I spend money to fix this place up? Or do I save money for the huge renovation project we’re working on? Given the long timeline of our personal renovation, we finally decided that it’s worth making this place feel like a real home for our remaining 2 years here.

So, what can we do within reason to fix the ugly in this place? For the One Room Challenge, I’ll be focusing on the living room as it’s the space in which we spend the most time. Our primary goals:

  1. Create a unified aesthetic.

  2. Re-use as much existing furniture and decor as possible.

  3. Only buy new things that we will be able to use in our future home 2 years down the line.

We’ll be tagging all of our behind-the-scenes and and sneak peeks with #formandfieldORC on Instagram so be sure to follow us there. For the next six weeks, check out our progress each Thursday on the blog. Let the makeover begin!

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