One Room Challenge / Our 6 Week Living Room Makeover - Week 2

We love short turnaround times - there’s nothing like a 6 week deadline to force quick decision-making! In our second installment of the One Room Challenge, we’ll begin by sharing our design process and concept for the living room. 

Our starting point for the living room makeover

Our starting point for the living room makeover

Assess the Situation

We start every project by getting the lay of the land and assessing the situation. In this case, the living room (and condo in general) had a couple major issues that needed to be addressed.

Issue #1: Our furniture is a hodge-podge of pieces that I and my husband have collected individually and the overall space lacks cohesion.
Goal: Unify the aesthetic of the space by replacing select furnishings and decor.

Issue #2: Lack of color harmony with yellow undertone walls (it’s hard to tell in the before image) and gray undertone floors.
Goal: Update wall colors to match undertone of floors.

Furniture to stay.png

Create the Design Concept

After gathering all the relevant information and setting the goals of the project, we then create the concept for the look and feel of the space. My husband and I agreed on a mostly neutral palette to provide a place of calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our location next to the train station in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood. We’re going with white walls, mixed woods, and soft patterns and textures for a clean, cozy atmosphere.

What I’m most excited about is upgrading the artwork in the living room to bring a new level of sophistication to our home. I fell in love with a mixed media piece by Robert Szot a couple months ago, and purchased it from the Jack Fischer Gallery, one of our favorite local San Francisco art galleries. This first new piece will be the perfect anchor for the space!

The anchor for the living room: Robert Szot's Demirep from the Jack Fischer Gallery (  image source   )

The anchor for the living room: Robert Szot's Demirep from the Jack Fischer Gallery (image source)

To help illustrate the vibe we’re going for is this stunning space from Malene Birger, a Danish designer.

The living room of Malene Birger's London flat via  Lonny

The living room of Malene Birger's London flat via Lonny

Source the Pieces

After the design concept is firm, we start sourcing pieces that fit the concept and goals. One of the hardest parts is deciding which pieces to keep and which to let go, especially when you don’t agree with your husband! I’m personally not a big fan of the Barcelona chair especially for a small space like ours, but that’s his favorite piece so it stays. The full rundown:

  • Coffee table: We have an oak dining table, and a few walnut pieces, so to remove some of the chrome and bring in balance and warmth, we’ll be replacing the marble coffee table with a custom oak coffee table.

  • Sofa: We love the bones of the sofa, but need to replace the legs as they were too tall and not the best style for the space. We’ll also be replacing the back cushions and some of the upholstery to make it more loungey and cushy.

  • Bookshelf: The bookshelf is too industrial-looking and heavy for the space so we’ll be replacing this bookshelf with minimal book shelving.

  • Walls: The creamy, almost beige walls have got to go! Same for the red accent wall. We’ll be starting over with a fresh white base.

  • Artwork: We’re starting to up the sophistication and only collect pieces we really love, so existing artwork will be replaced.

  • Accessories: We’ll be replacing and layering on accessories to make this space ours.

New furniture.png

Stay tuned for next week's post where we'll be sharing progress photos! Missed the first week's post? You can catch up here: Week 1

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