Pro Tip / The Mexico City Guide

Architect Luis Barragán’s Casa Pedregal

Architect Luis Barragán’s Casa Pedregal

Last month we took an inspiring trip to Mexico City, which in recent years has become a top food and design destination! After five days of leisurely exploration, we distilled our trip down to our favorite stops for design-minded travelers. The best part? The flight from SFO to CDMX is only 4.5 hours!


Founded by art collector César Cervantes, Tetetlán is a modern cultural center housing a restaurant, café, local store, library, wellness center, and cheese cellar. It began as an effort to preserve and restore Luis Barragán’s Casa Pedregal, located in a suburb built on volcanic rock on the southern outskirts of Mexico City. The new architecture of Tetetlán is just as impressive, so visit for both the restaurant and the guided tour of Casa Pedregal. Make sure to reserve your tour spot in advance via email.

The restaurant at Tetetlån - built on volcanic rock   (image source)

The restaurant at Tetetlån - built on volcanic rock (image source)


Located in the hip, historic neighborhood of Roma, Blanco Colima is a perfect lounge spot for food, drinks, and good music. Housed in a restored mansion, the space holds three restaurants as well as traveling exhibitions, movie screenings, and workshops. Reservations are a must for tables, otherwise you can take food at the bar!

Blanco Colima’s beautiful setting   (image source)

Blanco Colima’s beautiful setting (image source)


La Condesa is one of the best neighborhoods for a stroll with its beautiful small streets and modernist architectural gems such as Kurimanzutto. Check out the contemporary art exhibitions and the stunning gallery spaces.

Contemporary art gallery Kurimanzutto

Contemporary art gallery Kurimanzutto


While in Mexico City, we caught up with our friend Regina at her minimalist, jewel box of a tamales shop, Tamales Madre. With a simple menu of gourmet tamales and sides such as cactus salad, this was hands-down my favorite meal of the trip. Save room for the dessert tamales - they are not to be missed!

Hand-made tamales are at Tamales Madre

Hand-made tamales are at Tamales Madre


Built in 2007, Biblioteca Vasconcelos is a massive library that feels both futuristic and magical at the same time with its endless, cantilevered shelves of books. It’s a sight to see in person.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Biblioteca Vasconcelos


Both restaurant and cafe, Niddo is a beautiful and delicious spot to take a break from sightseeing. The attention to detail that went into the design of the cafe is an absolute delight, and we’re only showing you the exterior! Try the locally bottled Tamarind kombucha for a refreshing drink.

Niddo Café

Niddo Café


For a functional souvenir, stop by Studio davidpompa and pick up a light fixture designed and fabricated in Mexico City! The lighting and objects are displayed alongside the raw material from which they’re created, elevating the showroom experience.

Studio davidpompa

Studio davidpompa


Last on our list is another Luis Barragán work: Casa Gilardi. What makes Casa Gilardi and Casa Pedregal interesting to visit is that people still live there! The tour for Casa Gilardi is run by the sons of the man who commissioned Luis Barragán. While a small house and Barragán’s last work, the use of color is brilliant and a sight to behold. You can book the tour directly through Facebook Messenger.

Casa Gilardi

Casa Gilardi

There’s still many more places on our list that we didn’t get a chance to visit this time around. Tell us your must-see Mexico City destinations in the comments below!

Pro Tip / Paris for Design Lovers

Hot on the heels of our Thanksgiving trip to Paris, we bring you our guide to Paris for design lovers! Here we feature some of our favorite places in Paris - some more well-known, others lesser known - but all places full of inspiration.

Exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo

Exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo


If you’re someone who doesn’t “get” contemporary art, this is THE contemporary art museum for you. Palais de Tokyo hosts some of the most interesting and beautiful contemporary art exhibits that at times cross disciplines into nature, science, and social commentary. Case in point - currently on view is “ON AIR” by the Argentinian artist Tomås Saraceno which explores human and non-human ecosystems and interdepencies in haunting, poetic ways. The exhibit begins with a large dark room with spot-lit intricate spider webs that make you stop and wonder, goes into space and particles, and ends with an interactive audio and physical installation that encourages play.

Monsieur Bleu

Monsieur Bleu


While you’re at Palais de Tokyo, you might as well stop by the delicious and stunningly luxurious yet understated Monsieur Bleu. Designed by the French architect and interior designer Joseph Dirand (one of our favorites), the restaurant is a beautiful experience from the service to the food to the interiors. You won’t find many tourists here either. Reservations are recommended.

Le Corbusier’s Studio-Apartment

Le Corbusier’s Studio-Apartment


For any architecture enthusiast, Le Corbusier’s Studio-Apartment is a must-see and located just west of central Paris near Bois De Boulogne. While Le Corbusier is a major figure in modern architecture, he actually started out as a painter and continued to paint throughout his life. His studio-apartment, where he lived for over 30 years, is fascinating as a work in progress where he experimented with painting, furniture, and architecture. Reservations required.




While Colette, the original retail concept store, is no longer with us, there is still Merci, located in the Marais neighborhood of Paris. This charming lifestyle shop is approachable and unpretentious, selling everything from charcoal soap to Marni to used books. The best part? 100 percent of the profits go to a charitable foundation dedicated to helping women and children in Madagascar, but you’d never know it because they keep it on the down low.

The modern & contemporary wing at Musée des Arts Décoratifs

The modern & contemporary wing at Musée des Arts Décoratifs


An often overlooked museum whose primary location is right next to the Tuileries Garden and Louvre Museum, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs is dedicated to beautiful, useful things throughout history. We love their exhibits on furniture and fashion design, and currently on view is an exhaustive retrospective of the influential 20th century architect and designer Gio Ponti - the first held in France.

These are just five of our current favorite spots in Paris. We’d love to hear where you go for inspiration - share with us in the comments below!

Form + Field 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

For our second annual gift guide, we’re taking a slightly different tack to the usual gift guide. As we’ve gotten older, gift-giving has mostly given way to spending meaningful time with our loved ones, whether that be through food, travel, or new experiences. This year we’re sharing some of our favorite ideas for creating memories with your friends and family - experiences that we’ve either done ourselves, given as gifts, or have on our bucket list!


Outstanding in the Field     image source

Outstanding in the Field image source

Outstanding in the Field

Forget farm to table, Outstanding in the Field takes the table to the farm! Set in stunning landscapes, this dinner party at a single long table is an unforgettable experience.

Kaori’s Kitchen     image source

Kaori’s Kitchen image source

Kaori’s Kitchen

Mochi class, anyone? If you don’t share our love of mochi, you can learn how to make ramen, sushi, or any of the other Asian dishes offered by daughter and mother team Kaori and Yuki.


Meryl Pataky  Neon Art: Joseph Kosuth

Meryl Pataky Neon Art: Joseph Kosuth

Meryl Pataky - Neon Workshops

Make your own neon masterpiece! Meryl is a local Bay Area artist focusing on neon and mixed media, and she happens to also hold neon workshops where you can create your own abstract designs or a pair of neon boobs from a selection of pre-designed patterns.

sfclayworks     image source

sfclayworks image source


Ceramic art has made a huge comeback in recent years, so why not make your own? sfclayworks is located in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco and offers all-levels ceramics classes for wheel throwing and handbuilding in the evening. The best part? There’s plenty of parking.


Esalen     image source


Even for the non-hippies, Esalen is a must-do at least once in your life! Built on the side of a cliff in Big Sur, Esalen offers hot springs, intimate workshops, and the most delicious vegetarian meals that will win over even the most ardent of carnivores. One of our most memorable experiences period.

Sea Ranch     image source

Sea Ranch image source

Sea Ranch

For the architecture enthusiast, Sea Ranch is the perfect weekend getaway just 2-1/2 hours north of San Francisco. The upcoming SFMOMA exhibition sums it up perfectly, “Designed by a small group of Bay Area architects and designers in the early 1960s, the development was envisioned as a progressive, inclusive community, guided by the idealistic principles of good design, economy of space, and harmony with the natural environment.” Rent an iconic house designed by Charles Moore, William Turnbull, or perhaps, Joseph Esherick.

What are some of your favorite experiences to give or receive? Share with us in the comments!

Pro Tip / Our Favorite L.A. Design Shops

Last month, we took a trip to Los Angeles for a glorious week of art and design inspiration. In addition to checking off the Broad, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House (perhaps his most stunning living room) from our bucket list, we made the rounds at Los Angeles’ design shops. Here’s a handful of our favorites for your next trip to L.A.:

The dining room at Casa Perfect

The dining room at Casa Perfect

Casa Perfect is the Los Angeles outpost of The Future Perfect, one of the nation’s foremost contemporary design galleries with locations in San Francisco and New York City. It’s housed in a former residence of Elvis Presley, and has stunning views inside and out.

Galerie Half’s Belgian-esque aesthetic

Galerie Half’s Belgian-esque aesthetic

Galerie Half is a beautifully curated showroom of 20th century design, primitive furniture, and European antiques, and features stand-out pieces such as a complete George Nakashima dining set. The spare, minimalist set-up puts all the emphasis on the furnishings.

Unique wood pieces at Reform Gallery

Unique wood pieces at Reform Gallery

Reform Gallery is full of unique wood furniture and sculpture, and beautiful ceramics with an emphasis on California Modernism. Go here for pieces that showcase the handiwork of lesser known designer craftsmen such as J.B. Blunk and Sam Maloof.

Vintage lighting at Gallery L7

Vintage lighting at Gallery L7

While Gallery L7 carries furniture and objects, what we loved most was their stunning selection of vintage 20th century European lighting from diverse French, Italian, Scandinavian, etc. designers.

Object’s beautiful display of cutting board

Object’s beautiful display of cutting board

Object is retail at its finest, showcasing a beautiful collection of mid-century European and American objects for the home. Wood pieces, ceramics, and glassware are all on display.

Any shops we missed that are at the top of your list? Share with us in the comments below!

Pro Tip: When You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Interior designers create beautiful spaces, but hiring one isn’t right for every project. Here are the top 5 reasons for when you’ll want a full-service designer on your team...


Interior designers help make any space uniquely yours due to their vast network of local, domestic, and international sources. They’ll find the exact right pieces for your home that you likely won’t see anywhere else, or they’ll create the perfect custom piece for you in collaboration with expert craftsmen.

Rest assured — your home will not look like your neighbor’s!


Interior designers take the time to understand how you’ll be living in your space. Do you need to accommodate high-use areas for kids or pets? Do you have light-sensitive sleepers in an east-facing bedroom?

Interior designers apply their extensive knowledge of materials and vendors to help design your ideal space. You’ll get more than just a beautiful and inspiring home — you’ll get one that fits your daily life and is built to last.


Yes, hiring an interior designer is a considerable investment into your home, but there are several cost benefits too.

  • Interior designers’ relationships with vendors often result in prices lower than if you’d purchased the same items on your own.
  • Form + Field excels at project management and has overseen many projects before yours. We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes so you can have a beautiful space where money is spent on the things you care about most.


With an interior designer you’ll benefit from:

  • A hands-off project that is completed in the most time-efficient manner possible
  • An experienced person on-site to help you avoid time-sucking mistakes that could set back project schedule

With an interior designer on your team, you won’t squander your precious time resolving issues or sifting through countless options. You don’t need to be on-site with contractors or overseeing installations… and your project will be completed more quickly if you aren’t!


Your interior designer understands building codes, communication requirements between parties, and every other nuance of a design project. They’ve managed the process many times before!

This means…

  • You can trust that your project is in qualified and talented hands.
  • You can live your life as normally as possible during the process.
  • Above all, you can experience stress-free the excitement of knowing your future home will be nothing short of stunning!

Wondering if an interior designer is right for your project? Ask us your questions in the comments below!