Modernist Designers Series / Jean Royère

From his wide variety of furniture lines to the palaces he designed for kings (really, kings), this designer’s portfolio is as impressive as his contribution to the Modernist movement.

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Jean Royère (1902-1981)
Interior Designer

Jean Royère’s professional career did not start in design. He was in the import-export trade industry when he felt called to learn cabinetmaking. The rest is history.

In 1934, he designed the Brasserie Carlton on the Champs-Elysées and it ignited his career. Soon he was designing furniture and luxury interiors across Europe, Latin America, and the Near East.

It’s difficult to identify one style that is characteristic to Royère; instead, his diverse designs reveal an appreciation for creative freedom and ingenuity. His most famous pieces are his Polar Bear and Egg chairs, which embrace luxurious materials, organic forms, and modern simplicity.

Polar Bear Sofa and Chairs, 1949  (   source   )

Polar Bear Sofa and Chairs, 1949 (source)

Egg Chair, 1950s  (   source   )

Egg Chair, 1950s (source)

By contrast, his Eiffel Tower series consists of far fewer organic curves — yet luxe material and crisp edges are just as modern and beautiful.

Eiffel Tower Coffee Table, 1950  (   source   )

Eiffel Tower Coffee Table, 1950 (source)

Eiffel Tower Table, 1963  (   source   )

Eiffel Tower Table, 1963 (source)

Above all, Royère placed emphasis on the presence of his designs, not ornate decoration. Shape and volume, color and material, these were the details that gave his designs life in their spaces.

In 1980, Royère left France and lived out the rest of his days in the United States.

More Modern Designs by Jean Royère

“Sculpture” Sofa and Armchairs, 1956  (   source   )

“Sculpture” Sofa and Armchairs, 1956 (source)

Elephant armchair, 1955  (   source   )

Elephant armchair, 1955 (source)

Ambassador Armchairs, 1955  (   source   )

Ambassador Armchairs, 1955 (source)

Medallion Set, 1955  (   source   )

Medallion Set, 1955 (source)

"Croisillon" Sideboard / Credenza, 1940  (   source   )

"Croisillon" Sideboard / Credenza, 1940 (source)

“Ondulation” Coffee Table, 1946  (   source   )

“Ondulation” Coffee Table, 1946 (source)

Demi-Lune Dressing Table, 1939  (   source   )

Demi-Lune Dressing Table, 1939 (source)