Scope: interior decorating, project management, styling

Photography by Christine Lin

We worked with the founder and CEO of Fossa to create a San Francisco office that was comfortable for their rapidly growing team. Located in SOMA, the building consisted of two separate floors connected by a narrow staircase. Our challenge was to design spaces that would unify the employees as one cohesive team despite the separate workspaces for engineering and sales.

Each floor had a main workspace with adjustable height desks, but throughout, we inserted moments where team members could gather and casually meet to play games or catch up. We also created pockets of privacy in the open floor plan by using curtains and acoustic panels, keeping distractions away. Plants and artwork were specifically curated to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Fpssa San Francisco Mini Conference Room
Fpssa San Francisco Reception Area
Fossa San Francisco Lounge Detail
Fossa San Francisco Main Conference Room
Fossa San Francisco Mini Break Out Area
Fpssa San Francisco Conference Room