Phone consultation

"Thanks for taking the time to get on a call with me. I'm excited to learn more about your project!

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Why are you building this project? Where are you in the process? Why now? What isn't working for you? How do you currently feel in the space? What about this project is important to you? Reply at end that we want to solve their problem, we're excited about their project and learning more.
How fixed is the deadline? Why so fast?
If the budget is too low, express that it could be a problem. Ask what they are planning to do if the investment needs to be higher. Ask if there’s a smaller piece of scope that would make sense to start on if budget is too low. Provide ballpark high estimate. "People generally object to cost for a number of reasons: unfamiliar with how much interior design costs, are okay with doing it themselves and it’s not a big pain point for them, the level of service they want doesn’t match their budget. Would you say any of these apply to you?"
Our goal is to take away all the stress that can occur during the project and also minimize the countless decisions that need to be made throughout. We strive to make the process easy, transparent, and fun for you. You don't have to worry about specifics on budget, schedule, or functionality because all of these considerations are taken into account by us during the collaborative design process. Our process is iterative - we like to take you along on the journey and we think that an iterative process leads to richer results. We provide both hourly and flat fee proposals depending on the size of your project. Also, we share our trade discount which means your savings will typically cover some or most of the project management costs. Any questions?
Next steps would be to move forward with an office visit to meet each other in person and learn more about how we work. After the office visit, if you'd like to continue, we do an on-site consultation. The consultation fee is $400 for 60 minutes and I charge for this time because it's essentially kicking off your project with a detailed scope of work. We'll also review the contract at this time. Would you like to go ahead and schedule an office visit now?