Phone consultation

[Re-cap of what I've learned in consultation form]

The goal of this call is for us to get to know each other better and see if there's a good fit. I'll start with some questions to learn more about you and your project, and you can feel free to ask questions along the way or save them for the end. If there's a fit, we can decide to move forward and talk about next steps at the end of the call. We'll want to get to a clear yes or no on whether to move forward. Does that sound good to you?

Name *
Family, occupation, recent history.
Reply that we want to solve their problem, we're excited about their project and learning more.
Why is that important to you? Are there design elements that you like or dislike?
At the end, summarize what they want done and how you can help, have them agree, then ask about budget.
If the budget is too low, express that it could be a problem. Ask what they are planning to do if the investment needs to be higher. Ask if there’s a smaller piece of scope that would make sense to start on if budget is too low. Provide ballpark estimate range. For cost objections say, people generally object for a number of reasons: unfamiliar with how much interior design costs, are okay with doing it themselves and it’s not a big pain point for them, the level of service they want doesn’t match their budget. Would you say any of these apply to you?
How fixed is it?
Would you consider yourself decisive or indecisive? Do you like to see a lot of options or just a few?
Sending me selections or more hands-off?
Would you consider yourself more of big picture thinker, OCD and into the details, or somewhere in the middle?
Share "why work with us" and how I can solve their problem. Do you have any other questions you'd like to ask me? Any reservations? Would you like to proceed with an on-site consultation? $300 for 90 min. If proceeding with an on-site consultation ask, what would you like to accomplish in that consultation? What can I do that would be most helpful?

Why work with US

Our goal is to take away all the stress that can occur in an interior design project and minimize the countless decisions that need to be made. We make the process easy and fun for you. You won't have to worry about budget, schedule, or functionality. And of course, you'll have an amazing space at the end.

  1. Our MO is holding functionality, beauty, and your budget at the same level of importance. We source from hundreds of vendors for the right pieces that are unique to your project and goals. 
  2. We're fanatic about process and client experience. I used to be a project and product manager in tech, and I've taken all those learnings and applied them to the interior design business. Tech and software are used to their fullest to create an efficient, organized experience, and save you time and money. Also, the budgets and timelines we give our always realistic so that there are no surprises down the road.
  3. Instead of hourly fees, we do flat fee proposals divided into two parts: design and project management, so you know exactly what you'll be paying for the given scope.
  4. Finally, we share our trade discounts which means your savings will typically cover most of the project management costs.

Next steps

  1. $300 consultation fee for up to 90 minutes. I charge a consultation fee because I'll freely give you ideas and sources for your project. I'll provide you with clarity and direction on next steps. You can pick my brain about anything.
  2. Fill out Style + Preferences quiz prior to on-site consultation
  3. Invoice for on-site consultation